• Established in 1994.

  • Supplier of specialised equipment and engineering services for
    the offshore and shipping industry.

  • In 1998, Marine Technlogy AS accuired the UKOLS
    (Ugland-Kongsberg Offshore Loading System)
    technology as a result of market aknowledgement and
    the company’s strategy.

  • Today, Marine Technlogy AS has manifested itself as a
    leading supplier of equipment for offshore loading, flexible
    pipe industry and water transportation on a global basis.

  • Marine Technology AS’s general engineering services
    cover a wide range of applications. Many of todays
    structures and systems engaged in offshore activities
    rely on design work performed by MT.

ISO 9000: Marine Technology AS complies with Norwegian
and international quality standards.

Marine Technology AS, Kystveien 226,4841 Arendal, Norway
Phone +47 37 370 97 430 Fax +47 37 370 97 431 E-mail: post@marinetechnology.no