The OLS is recognized by:

  • Simple construction and operation principles.
  • Fully assembled onshore.
  • Diverless installation.
  • Inspection and functions control by ROV.
  • Optional remote valve control (hydro-acoustics)
  • Easily adaptable with respect to water depth
  • Substantial in-field records since 1986.

A specific feature of the OLS is that it can be easily adapted to serve in most water depths
by simply varying the length of the vertical riser.
The upper part of the system remains practically identical so as to maintain the same tanker
operations for all water depths. The OLS' swivelling function is situated in mid water and not
on the seafloor, and there is no mooring line involved to complicate the tanker station-keeping operations. The tanker attendance hence becomes very simple and reliable with little chance
of imposing damage to the system. The OLS can be used for both export from sea or import
to land or fluid products.
Flow rate requirements are accomodated by arrange of suitable pipe diameters.

High priority is given to the use of cutting edge materials and components in order to keep
OLS successfully at the forefront of the industry.